Toyota Starlet Special Parts and part modifications


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Product Quantity Price without tax
Complete Engine (model picture) 1 pc ASK
Cylinder block parts
Quantity Price without tax
Wiseco pistons 78mm Flat top Comp.height 25.4mm 1 set 629,00€
Special light pistons 78mm 317gr with pin and rings
 Model E.Peltonen
1 set
Wiseco pistons 79mm flat top Comp.height 25.4mm 1 set 629,00€
Wiseco pistons 82mm flat top Comp.height 25.4mm 1 set 629,00€
Wiseco pistons 83mm flat top Comp.height 25.4mm 1 set 629,00€
Wiseco pistons 83mm with 7ml combustion chamber
Comp.height 25.4mm
1 set 629,00€
Wiseco pistons 83.5mm Comp.height 25.4mm 1 set 629,00€
Special light pistons 83.5mm 1 set
Wiseco pistons 75,30mm, for Historic racing,
 Special E. Peltonen Model (for original conrod) 
Comp.height 36.3mm
1 set 665,00€
Piston ring set for one piston  1 set 31,00€
Piston Pin, strong  1 pc 29,00€
Wiseco piston pin 1 pc 16,00€
piston pin circlip 1 pc 1,90€
PO connecting rods (special steel, machined) lenght 131mm 1 set 855,00€
7K PO connecting rods (special steel, machined) with 7K Wiseco pistons 83mm 1 set 1479,00€
 7K connection rods (lenght 140,2mm, 20mm pin) 1 set 425,00€
4/5K Connection rods (special steel, machined ) lenght 131mm 1 set 425,00€
I-profil Connection rods ( special steel, machined) Lenght 134,5mm
Fit 5K block to 3K Crankshaft and 82mm pistons 1394cc
4K block to 3K crankshaft and 79mm pistons 1294cc
Made 4AGE bearings
1 set 425,00€
 4K / 5K Billet steel crankshaft 1 pc 1180,00€
ARP bolts for PO connecting rods (8 pcs) 1 set 94,00€
Strengthening plate for main bearing cap
 (The original bearing cap reguire modification) 5pcs

1 set 98,00€
4-5K Oil pump 1 pc 198,00€
Pushrod lifters(tappet) hard, 5K 8pcs 1 set 249,00€
Pushrods 186mm 1 set 99,00€
Pushrods 189mm 1 set 109,00€
Pushrods, tailor made for required size 1 set 129,00€
Bearings Price without tax
Crankshaft thrust bearings 1 set 14,00€
Crankshaft main bearing shells 1 set 37,00€
Connection rod big-end bearings 1 set 31,00€
ACL race connection rod bearing 4AGE 1 set 75,00€
Camshaft bearings 1 set 61,00€
7K Connection rod big-end bearings 1 set 129,00€
Camshaft Drive Parts Price without tax
Timing gear cover, original cover machined to have a lid for adjustable sprocket wheel  1 pc 124,00€
Sprocket wheel camshaft end, adjustable (2-line) 1 pc 136,00€
Sprocket wheel crankshaft end,(2-line) original  1 pc  58,50€
Sprocket wheel crankshaft end, (2-line)  (after market)  1 pc  29,00€
 Timing chain, (2-line) original. 1 pc 68,00€
 Timing chain guide (2-line) 1 pc 8,00€
Timing chain tensioner (2-line) 1 pc 36,50€
315 degrees
300 degrees
305/310 degrees for roller rocker
 (you need to send  a proper original camshaft to us)
(without your camshaft 289,00€)
1 pc 189,00€
Cylinder Head Parts Price without tax
Racing cylinder head complete with valves and springs assembled.
(will be made to your 3K cylinder head, if not 240€ extra )
1 pc  1590,00€
Rocker shaft 1 pc 59,00€
Inlet valve 40mm 7mm Stem,  shaped  1 pc 22,00€
Exhaust valve 32mm 7mm Stem, shaped 1 pc 32,00€
Valve bronze guide, shaped for 8 valves 1 set 140,00€
Retainers/locks (7mm Stem) for 8 valves 1 set 84,00€
Inner and outer valve springs for 8 valves  1 set 129,00€
Cylinder head bolts, extra strong 1 set 39,00€
Washer for cyl.head bolt  1 pc 1,90€
Gaskets Price without tax
Gasket set for 4K/5K engine complete 1 pc 49,80
Gasket set for 7K engine complete 1 pc 55,00€
Cylinder head gasket 7K (original) 1pc 75,50€
Cylinder head gasket 5k (original) 1 pc 39,80€
Cylinder head gasket 4k (original) 1 pc 38,00€
Cylinder head gasket 5K (AJUSA) 1 pc 24,50€
Intake/exhaust manifold gasket (Combined and reinforced) 1 pc 29,00€
Intake manifolds / Exhaus manifolds Price without tax
 Billet CNC machined vertical Intake manifold
not available now.  Ask
1 pc 760,00€
Martelius XL-exhaust manifold 4-2-1 (38-41,5-51mm) 1 pc 379,00€
Martelius exhaust manifold 4-2-1 (38-38-51mm) 1 pc 379,00€
1 pc 198,00€
Belt pulley Price without tax
crankshaft belt pulley, steel 1 pc 109,00€
Waterpump belt pulley, aluminium 1 pc 109,00€
Crank Trigger shells 1 pc 35,00€
Other parts / Products Price without tax
Electronic distributor for K engines
Ignition coil for this distributor

1 pc
1 pc

Waterpump 1 pc 31,00€
Oil cooler 1 pc 99,00€
Oil cooler adapter to cylinder block 1 pc 74,00€
Oil filter separate mounting bracket, 1/2 inch  1 pc 43,00€
Electronic Ignition + Power Coil 1pc 188,00€

Clutch parts

                                                                                                                            (Please click the name of the part for more information or photo)

Product Quantity Price without tax
clutch plate, 3 arm, with sintered Friction linings, various sizes 1 pc 129,00€
Flywheel bolts, 6pcs 1 set 18,00€
Aluminium Flywheel
 for TRD or original clutch

3,2kg (with gear ring)
1pc 325,00€
Steel flywheel and AP clutch cover (with clutch plate) use an original starter ring 1 set 978,00€
Standart clutch cover, plate and bearing 1 pc 99,00€
Clutch cable 1pc 95,00€

Suspension, Brakes, Steering and Transmission

                                                                                                                             (Please click the name of the part for more information or photo)

Product Quantity Price without tax
Transmission / Parts
Clutch housing for K-engines to T series gearboxes 1 pc 318,00€
Lampola -  gearbox, 5speed, dogbox
(without syncroniser for fast gear shift, without need to use clutch)
(will be made to your GT Corolla  T-50 Gearbox)
1 pc  2590,00€
Kardanshaft bracket bearing for toyota kardan 1 pc 69,00€
Steering Price without tax
LHD Rack and pinion for 1,8  or 2,25 revolutions from end to end 1 pc  340,00€
NEW ! RHD Rack and pinion for 1,8 or 2,25 revolutions from end to end 1 pc 350,00€
Springs Price without tax
 Main and additional springs,
57mm inside diameter, various lenghts and spring rates available
1 pc 60,00€
Main and additional spring for starlet,
65mm inside diameter,
various lenghts and spring rates available
1 pc 70,00€
Control Arms Price without tax
Rear trailing arms, uniball end bearing, 4pcs,
for historic starlet)
1set 345,00€
Rear trailing arms, uniball end bearing and  PU Bush, 4pcs 1 set 345,00€
Rear trailing arms with PU Bush for both ends, 4pcs 1 set 270,00€
Standart front control arm 1 pc 55,00€
Toyota Starlet Front control arm ,
fit in AE 86 Steering arm
1 set 690,00€
Brakes Price without tax
Wilwood Dynalite calipers, 4-pistons, aluminium
max. disc thickness 22.5mm 
Disc diameter 230mm - 380mm
1 pc 150,00€
Wilwood Dynapro calipers, 2-pistons aluminium
max. disc thickness 12.00mm
1 pc 122,00€
Wilwood superlite calipers
 max. disc thickness 24mm
1 pc 199,00€
Ferodo disc pads for Wilwood calibers 1 set 80,00€
Ferodo Brakepads for starlet original calipers
DS3000 (R)

1 set DS 2500

 Brake disc (original size) 1 pc 39,00€
Hydraulic handbrake control lever, vertical
1 pc 59,00€
ALLSTARS - brake pressure regulator , adjustable, Max pressure reduction 57% 1 pc 85,00€
Bilstein Suspension parts / Shock absorbers Price without tax
40mm Bilstein front shock absorder cartridge kit, including outside tube DIY McPherson unit building
(see photo for detailed content) 480€
for these parts or
630€ for complete Mc Pherson unit assembled for your own Mc Pherson unit
1 pc 480,00€/ 630,00€
Bilstein 40mm shock absorber cartridge 1 pc 289,00€
Bilstein shock absorber cartridge for original McPherson unit. 1 pc 225,00€
Bilstein rear shock absorber B-46-0918 1 pc 135,00€
Other suspension parts Price without tax
 Front suspension upper end support set, includes: mounting plate (for camper adjusting) to be welded in to chassis, strut upper end, uniball bearing, circlip  ( 1 set incl. both sides) 1 set 195,00€
Original new Gt Corolla AE 86 hub 1 pc 159,00€
Starlet antiroll bar bush kit 1set 63,00€
Final Drive Price without tax
 Final drive set, pinion and gear wheel, 6"  4,78 ratio, suitable for original starlet rear axle, allowed for  historic races 1 pc 690,00€
6 inch LSD for Starlet/Ke30/Ke70 Corolla
(40/65) very high quality
1 pc 980,00€
Ford Escort "english" LSD 22 spline
QP 40/65, 120nm preload

very high quality

1 pc 980,00€


                                                                                                                             (Please click the name of the part for more information or photo)

Product Quantity Price without tax
Wider wheel arc (+70mm) for front/rear fender, fiberglass, 4pcs set 1 set 80,00€
TRD model fiberglass wideners
1 set 475,00€
Starlet model 78-80 Fiberglass bonnet
1 160,00€
Starlet model 81-82 Fiberglass bonnet 1 160,00€
Starlet model 78-80 fiberglass fender right / left
1 125,00€
Starlet model 81-82 fiberglass fender right/ left 1 125,00€
Fiberglass boot lid
1 150,00€
Fiberglass boot lid 83-84 1 150,00€
Starlet model 78-80 fiberglass front valance 1 90,00€
Fiberglass Bumber/spoiler 1 150,00€
Rear spoiler 1 79,00€
Light box 1 145,00€
(steel) Starlet EP 91 fender right 1 169,00€

All prices without taxes and duties, ExWorks, Iittala, Finland.

All above parts are for tuning and racing purposes and so these parts do not have any warranty.

If you didn´t find from above what you were looking for, please be still free to ask it from us!!!


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